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Welcome to the Three Broomsticks

Penn State Harry Potter fans

Penn State Harry Potter fans
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LJ Discussion group for the Penn State Harry Potter Club
This is the LJ discussion community for the Harry Potter club at Penn State University. The club is called Three Broomsticks, and meets weekly. Please visit the official club website at http://www.clubs.psu.edu/up/psuhp/ for meeting times and information. Also, please drop us a line (or join!) if you're interested in becoming a member of the club. :D

Short History
The club was formed in 2004, and has grown to a respectable membership. We went from meeting in the common areas of the HUB to having our own office, and have made yearly events such as the Yule Ball and Red Nose Day bigger and better with each year. The club is formed on the basis that every member has some degree of interest in Harry Potter; we let JK Rowling's world be our common thread and flavor our activities, but it is by no means the entirety of the club. By knowing that you have at least one thing to talk about with any member when you walk into our meetings, we create an great place to meet people, have fun, and make friends - even find the love of your life! (Hey, it happened! Two people who met in our inaugural semester just got married in July 2007!) Please visit the website for officer contact information, meeting times, events, and photos!

The club was founded by Jessica lotuslion, assisted heavily by her brilliant roommate, Erin amalthea5. The LJ Community is maintained by the oh-so-wonderful Alicia buttercup31. All three have since left Penn State, and passed the mantle. Current club officers can be found on the website, and the current maintainers are listed below.