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Three Broomsticks' Future

I feel like what I said at the meeting was right, but why do I have this sinking feeling that it was completely wrong?

To those that weren't there. I proposed that we start to think about the "life after" Harry Potter for the club. There's no scifi/fantasy club anymore, and I feel like 3B could easily fill that spot and thrive in it. After 4 years and with no more books coming, our meeting have become a bit . . . stale. But, I love the club how it is. And I know that Harry Potter is still as popular as ever; our membership is not lacking. I hate to propose changing it. But, i think it needs to happen, or they'll be no sort of geekery left at penn state in a few years - maybe even sooner.

The club's still going strong . . . it's just . . . It needs a fresh look - and this is a general consensus, not just my opinion. I've proposed to keep the name, to keep the Harry Potter inspiration (with the houses, the sortings, and the "Hogsmeade weekends"), but to change the overall scope to encompass the popular scifi/fantasy genre. I'm wondering what the people that follow this journal think?

The constitution can be found here: http://www.clubs.psu.edu/up/psuhp/constitution.html
This proposal (that will be put up to officer, then club, vote on Monday - or next Monday, depending) is going to be to change the purpose of the club to generally encompass a broader base, but to still reflect and focus on Harry Potter.
"Article I: Purpose" currently reads:
"The purpose of the Three Broomsticks (hereafter referred to as The Club) is to appreciate and experience the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling. The Club will allow its members to live in the Harry Potter universe through its various activities."

On an amusing side note, according to the constitution we have to go through USG with any changes . . . but there is no USG.



Forgot to follow this up before. We had a really long discussion about this at the following meeting to this post. In my opinion, it was extremely relieving to get everyones opinions and to know that people cared. The vote was to keep the constitution the same, however there is interest in branching out more to other literature. Nothing will officially change, but I think the club will still be thinking about adding new stuff into the mix. Overall, this was good. Thanks to everyone for their input, and I hope that no one was disappointed by the voting. I love all you people and will miss you guys so much -- you'd better keep the livejournal going! <3

Ad-hoc Volunteers Requested for Heist

As you guys know, I have been working with the Urban Gaming Club to solve all of the issues that arose during last semester's game of Humans vs Zombies.  Since we also are creating several other games, we are currently looking for volunteers to help play-test a new game called Heist.  Anybody can sign up to play, with me or on the UGC website www.pennstateugc.org in the events section.  Please help, playing games is always a blast!

two million pounds!

Yeah, that is how much JK's hand made, one of seven "Tales of Beetle the Bard" sold for at Sothebys.  This is a collection of seven fairy tales referenced in Deathly Hallows,  and was hand written and illustrated by Rowling herself!  Christmas present, anyone?
LOL omg. There's a new PotterPuppetPals video!!


Red Nose Day '08 anyone?!

Way to get married!

Congrats to our most amazingnest founder lotuslion for surviving her wedding.  Hopefully someone will start posting pictures in the near future!
Order of the Phoenix is playing at the HUB this weekend. Can we make it a club event to go see it maybe? perhaps? please?

And if not, who wants to go see it with me? ^_^
Hey kids, I thought you might be interested in looking at the schedule for the renfaire so you can start planning which shows you want to see how many times!  Click on Halloween Daze and find the pdf link at the bottom.


Don't forget to wear comfy shoes, the last joust ends around 8 pm.  And the weather looks like mostly sunny, high of 67, so bring a cloak.

soo we all liked the whole "150 things i can't do in hogwarts" right? well i just stumbled upon a "Death Eater's Handbook" icon set. There's also like 46 America's next top model and Deathy hallows icons too, so, you've like been warned and stuff.


made a livejournal.
And by I, I mean Amanda.