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Orlando next summer?

Barring anything unforseen, I am planning on going to Infinitus 2010 in Orlando next summer. Details here: http://www.infinitus2010.org/ The HP theme park should be open then, too. (http://www.universalorlando.com/harrypotter/) I had the time of my life at LeakyCon this year (and I even had to miss half of it). It's still a long way off, but I'd love for 3B people to come to Infinitus. Even if people would like to skip the con and go to the theme park, I think it would be rather fantastic.

Is there be any interest in an Orlando rendezvous next summer (mid-July)?


Guys, if you haven't caught this already on Leaky or elsewhere, you need to watch the Harry Potter musical right now. It's hysterical.

Also, I had some adventures with butterbeer that I'm going to post on 3b_recipes. Check it out.

HBP Extended Scene

I'm a little behind, but there's a Pensieve Scene from Half Blood Prince floating around. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it sounds fantastic.

You can download it here: http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/2009/6/2/high-definition-links-to-mtv-dumbledore-pensieve-clip-from-harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince

Also: How is everyone? What are your Half Blood Prince plans?


For those of you who haven't heard yet, our Headmistress Nicole had a little Headmistressette this morning named Lily Michelle.  Nicole, Dave and Lily are doing well, more pictures can be found on Dave's FB, and I will go back to squeeing now.


MyLeaky!  It's Social Networking for Harry Potter nerds!

(I'm listed under whitemudfounder, if you want to be my MyLeaky friend.)

Ok, I have issues.